Wireshape & Luxy Airdrop 10,000 $WIRE and 100 NFTs

Wireshape & Luxy Airdrop 10,000 $WIRE and 100 NFTs

Wireshape is developing an ecosystem so that reality is ready to be used in virtual worlds, eliminating the complexity, slowness and high cost of creating 3D models. Wireshape reached a highly scalable result in 3D scanning technology, making it possible to generate 3D models just like the real object and ready to use in instants instead of months.

Wireshape 3D scanned assets stock brings together contributors from across the globe, who receive token rewards and have their co-authorship guaranteed by NFTs.

LUXY will make it so artists, collectors, galleries, and NFT enthusiasts can enjoy and support each other’s creativity.

Token Name: $WIRE
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📅 End Date: 27–05–2022
📈 Total Pool: 100 NFTs + 10,000 $WIRE
🎉 Winner: 100

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