TrustGems Airdrop & Whitelist Registration

TrustGems Airdrop & Whitelist Registration

TrustGems is a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital with safety to early stage investors.

TRUSTGEMS FEATURE: At TrustGems, we provide investors with functions that help access investment opportunities in blockchain projects in the most effective way.

Trust Game launchpad helps blockchain projects organize IDO rounds of token sales. With a large community, professional system and dedicated team, we bring to customers prestige and high efficiency. And investors will have access to potential projects as soon as possible.

Not only do we support projects technically when listing, we also support marketing through the network of KOLS, celebrities, partners, etc with which we are affiliated.

In the first phase, we list projects on BSC, Solana, Ethereum, Near , Polygon. Other chains will support after Q3/2022.

Staking: The function of staking TrustGems token is one of the functions that will be maintained throughout the development of the project. To be eligible to participate in IDO of projects listed on TrustGems launchpad users will have to stake TrustGems token.

In addition to bringing tickets to participate in IDO on launchpad, staking tokens also brings stable profits with attractive APR.

Token Name: TGT token
Rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️
📅 End Date: 31-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: $200,000 WORTH OF TGT TOKENS
🎉 Winner:AIRDROP total $200,000 worth of TGT tokens for all participants, WHITELIST : 3000

Follow these steps below to complete all entries:
👉 Follow these steps below to complete all entries:
👉 Visit TrustGems website
👉 Follow @Trust_Gems on Twitter
👉 Retweet @Trust_Gems on Twitter
👉 Tweet With The # Hashtag
👉 Join @TrustGemsChannel on Telegram
👉 Join @TrustGemsGlobal on Telegram
👉 Visit TrustGems on Facebook
👉 Email Address
👉 Wallet address
👉 Refer Friends For Extra Entries

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