PRX Metaverse Airdrop 400,000 $PRX Token

PRX Metaverse Airdrop 400,000 $PRX Token

PRX Metaverse is an exciting immersive 3D virtual world powered by Binance Smart Chain, focused on social connection and integration between ‘virtual and physical spaces’ and ‘virtual economies’. Like in the physical world, users can create, experience, monetize content and applications and interact with different spaces as their digital avatars.

PRX Metaverse is a shared virtual world that allows users to engage in immersive 3D experiences beyond the physical world and the boundaries of distance and physics.

In the Metaverse, users will have access to a new world of revenue-generating opportunities. The native token, PRX, will be used to buy land, goods, and services in the metaverse. Content creation and user adoption will also be rewarded with PRX. PRX will include a core technology that will enable worldwide, real-time, and cost-effective payments between any two internet users.
The metaverse would not be built by a single company. This will be a global collaboration involving businesses, creators, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and more. The PRX Metaverse will be co-created and built responsibly with the framework and foundation of creating a space where people can be, and feel safe. Integrity, safety, and privacy will be woven into the fabric.

Token Name: $PRX
Rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️
📅 End Date: 14–06–2022
📈 Total Pool: 400,000 $PRX
🎉 Winner: 4000

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