Pikaster X KuCoin Airdrop 14,850 $MLS Tokens

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2 min readMay 28, 2022
Pikaster X KuCoin Airdrop 14,850 $MLS Tokens

Pikaster is a card battle game featuring Pikaster (NFT), the first Game-Fi project created by Metaland, based on KCC, Polygon, and BSC Chain(Considering that the liquidity and project ecology can get a better environment, we will also publish it on the public chain of strategic partners).

Pikaster creatively designs diverse innovative game plays, such as expedition and idle system, in addition to traditional PVE (Player versus Environment) quests and PVP(Player versus Player) battles, thus providing NFTs with more application scenarios, enriching the production and consumption channels of game tokens, and improving the game’s playability. There will also be seasonal tournaments for those who already have some experience with huge bonuses.

Token Name: $MLS
Rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️
📅 End Date: 31–05–2022
📈 Total Pool: 14,850 $MLS
🎉 Winner: 9999

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