Millionaire Land Airdrop Giveaway $20,000 $POK

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2 min readApr 29, 2022


Millionaire Land Airdrop Giveaway $20,000 $POK

Millionaire Land aims to build an ANSWER TO EARN web 3.0 based application. Participants are able to earn incentives by using the character NFT to answer questions and win prize in quiz competitions. Through various innovative gameplay, it enables everyone involved worldwide to grow in both learning and wisdom.

The gameplay has different modes and where the user plays the role of answerer or questionnaire

A quick glimpse at abundant Gameplay
3 Game Modes: Single-mode |Challenge mode |Special field mode
Game Props: Character NFT|Gem NFT|Auxiliary Card NFT|Blind Box|etc…

Token Name:$POK

Rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️

📅 End Date:10–05–2022

📈 Total Pool:$20,000 worth of $POK

🎁 Prize: Top 100 and Random 900 participants get activation code +5 $POJK

🎉 Winner:1000

Follow these steps below to complete all entries:

👉 Fill out form included BSC wallet address

👉 Join Millionaire Land Discord

👉 Follow @answer2earn on Twitter

👉 Retweet @answer2earn Twitter

👉 Tweet on Twitter

👉 Join @Answer2earn Telegram Chat

👉 Follow Medium

📚 Link Airdrop

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⚠️ Warning: The Airdrop is completely free to join, participant doesn’t have to purchase any token in real monetary value to join!

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