Dynasty Chronicles’s Airdrop $10,000

Dynasty Chronicles’s Airdrop $10,000

Dynasty Chronicles is a “Blockchain Game”, based on the story of “The Three Kingdoms”, The best Chinese novel of all time.

Dynasty Chronicles comes with the “Play-to-Earn” concept and is simply to play on the website platform, so we hope you enjoy the game while also experiencing a new way of making some INCOME.

One day during the Three Kingdoms Realm in a world, there was an explosion of the space and time dimension which made the people in that world transform into different creatures.

This explosion also twisted the door of dimensions and pulled some teenagers from the other dimension and time to that world and became Warlords during this warfare.
They were still finding their way back home, but there were too many unsolved puzzles.

One significant enigma was that they all were holding an antique pocket watch in their hand before the explosion and traveling to this world. Is the antique watch the cause? And can it bring them back to their home?

Project Name: Dynasty Chronicles
Rate ⭐️⭐
📅 End Date:22–05–2022
📈 Total Pool: $10,000 (30 boxes)
🎉 Winner: 30

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