Dark Earth giveaway prizes $10,000

Dark Earth giveaway prizes $10,000

Dark Earth is a gaming ecosystem aimed at all gamers in general, whether they are knowledgeable about and users of other applications on the blockchain or not. The main priority within the Dark Earth metaverse is that any player can play without having any knowledge of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchain, or any other aspect related with technology. That’s why our target market is the millions of players on both mobile devices and PCs around the world.

What makes Dark Earth Special? :

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📅 End Date:29–05–2022
📈 Total Pool:$10,000 estimated value
🎉 Winner: 250

Follow these steps below to complete all entries:
👉 Visit Dark Earth Website
👉 Follow @DarkEarthgame on Twitter
👉 Retweet @DarkEarthgame on Twitter
👉 Join @darkearthgame on Telegram
👉 Join @darkearthgroup on Telegram
👉 Submit your Polygon Public Address
👉 Visit our Genesis Edition Website to Enter
👉 Join our Discord server
👉 Follow Dark Earth on Medium
👉 Visit @darkearthgame on Instagram
👉 Enter The Secret Code ( Answer: D4RK34RTH)
👉 Share With Friends For Extra Entries

📚 Link Airdrop

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⚠️ Warning: The Airdrop is completely free to join, participant doesn’t have to purchase any token in real monetary value to join!



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