Chains Of The Eternals Airdrop $2,500 worth of $KASH

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2 min readMay 25, 2022
Chains Of The Eternals Airdrop $2,500 worth of $KASH

Chains Of The Eternals is the first open world MMORPG in DeFi. We’re here to revolutionize the GameFi space by combining DeFi elements with immersive and compelling gameplay that rivals traditional MMORPGS.

The game is fully hosted on chain, without centralized entities, providing a unique experience to users while playing together.

Inspired by Dofus and World Of Warcraft, we have collected all the best features from titles that have stood the test of time while adding the best DeFi has to offer for a unique gaming experience.

Infinite Open World Game Universe With Extremely Balanced Game Economy To Create Robust Sustainability And Scalability

Open World MMORPG: Chains of The Eternals is an Open World MMORPG game with robust sustainability. . Players will be able to do whatever they want whenever they want. Their fate in the Eternals world will depend only on their choices.

Multiplayer: The game is one of the first multiplayer GameFi projects of this scale with support up-to 10+ players in one game session and the game is design to support up to over millions of session at the same time

Fully On-Chain: Create an ideal decentralized metaverse where players can live their adventure on their own with zero centralized entity. We removed servers, and use chains to act like a server of its own. By giving full control to the players, their characters is owned and crafted by them, the immortal way.

Play to Earn: By completing various quests, as well as killing monsters or participating in various events, users will be rewarded $KASH as well as rare loots with real trading value.

Balanced Game Economic: The game economy is highly balanced thanks to the $KASH token and its deflationary NFTs burn mechanics — Every single items in the game will have unique characteristics making them rare to trade or own.

In-Game DeFi: Chains of The Eternals integrates all popular DeFi products to further decentralize the universe : a DEX, a L&B (Lending and Borrowing protocol), an NFT marketplace, and yield optimizers for players funds.

Token Name: KASH token
Rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️
📅 End Date: 1PM UTC June 16
📈 Total Pool: $2,500 worth of $KASH
🎉 Winner: 250 RANDOM users will receive $10 each

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