All in One Wallet For Airdrop -C98 Wallet

All in One Wallet For Airdrop — C98 Wallet

Airdrop giveaway is one of the safest ways to earn free crypto tokens, NFTs without trading real monetary or cryptocurrency value.

Even though the possibility to win is random, being top referrals, or pure luck; Airdrop giveaway requires a set of knowledge to increase your chance to win.

The participant will receive a token or NFT to the requirement wallet address once the event is finished. One common mistake for Airdrop beginners is not knowing the type of wallet exchange when entering an Airdrop giveaway.

After hundreds of Airdrop giveaway project attempts. Airdrop Daily realizes there are many different airdrop platforms and wallet addresses to track at the end of the event. Most of the time the reward token will be sent to the wallet address, the winner needs to check each chain, and sometimes it is difficult to track down which wallet address we use to participate.

The common question is which is the easiest, beginner-friendly, and all-in-one wallet exchange.

We want to help ours followers avoid creating multiple wallet addresses. We suggest C98 a multi-chain included various wallet storage platforms required during Airdrop stage such as Solana(SPL), Near Protocol(NEAR), Avalanche (ARC20) BSC (BEP20) Etherium (ERC20)..

C98 support Multi-chain Wallet Engine

Link download C98 wallet extension here

We will continue to upload more information about Airdrop on our Medium and webpage. For more Airdrop tips and guides you can find us here.



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